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About Feelings
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Saudaraku, misalkan kita di Palestina, apa yang akan kita lakukan? Masihkah lagu-lagu terdengar merdu di tengah desing rudal yang menciutkan nyalimu? Masihkah harapan berderet manis sepanjang jalan, menuntun langkah gamang kita menuju kebahagiaan?

Lalu, misalkan kita…


So the Zionist ‘Final Solution’ begins and no one speaks about it?! This image clearly illustrates the systematic persecution and eradication of the Palestinian people. What can we do to stop this? How powerless and impotent have they made us? #Israel #zionists #babylon #palestine #palestinians #finalsolution #holocaust #persecution #occupation #gaza #freepalestine #breakgazasiege #فلسطين


Photos from the march began shortly the center of Ramallah in solidarity with Gaza . 8 July 2014

It’s not war on Gaza, It’s GENOCIDE! #PrayForPalestine


Because we won’t stay silent!

For Gaza and all Palestinians,
For Syria, 
For Iraq,
For Egypt
For Muslims oppressed in western countries! 

O Allah, save them:’

They’re still doing taraweeh, #respect

(Source: gharibafisabilillah)


1. Photos from the march began shortly the center of Ramallah in solidarity with Gaza.

2. A protest for Palestine, San Francisco 7.07.14

3. A protest for Palestine, Sydney 2.07.14

4. A protest for Palestine, NYC 25.06.14

5. A protest for Palestine, Paris

6. A protest for Palestine, Brooklyn 5.07.14

7. A protest for Palestine, Nakba

And governments still stay deaf.

(Source: muslimismyidentity)


reblog because it’s Palestinian flag




Orang-orang palestina ketika ditanya mengapa mereka tidak pergi saja dari sana dan mengungsi ke negara tetangga- karena cobaan Yahudi terhadap mereka begitu besar, mereka menjawab begini:

"Jika kami keluar dari tanah ini (Palestina). maka siapa lagi yang akan menjaga masjid suci Al-Aqsha? siapa lagi yang akan menjaga tanah wakaf umat islam? biarlah kami tetap disini, mewakili kalian (Seluruh umat Islam di dunia), saudaraku"

ini membuat kita begitu tertusuk. tidakkah kita sadar bahwa mereka disana sebenarnya sedang mewakili kita melindungi tanah suci Palestina? menggantikan kewajiban kita menjaga warisan umat? semoga Allah memuliakan mereka semua, terimakasih Palestina :’)

#prayforgaza #palestina

Sometimes, i got tired to figure out my feelin’
and wastin’ my time for somethin’ useless and meaningless.
and expect these colors would make my day being colorful and bright ‘gain. (di perplexity)

butekbener-,- (di nofilter)

thnks for evry mments here, sadness,happnss,good,bad,flat,laugh,sad,smile etc.
Thnks to b a plce whre i met amaze people, get a fab days, or be a plce to frgt ‘bout my nasty life for a while.
U’ll be bst finance evr, the plce tht smetmes i hate but b most missin’ place one.
It’s not only a place but Palace. (di SMP Negeri 10 Palembang)

it’s just like what i feel, just acquiesce it eventhought with a bitterness.

show it out

as usual, everybody muat ever hide their feelings inside and no one know about it, just their self one. Ya, it’s common i think. May they don’t want others know about him secret feelings, about love, hate, jealousy, annoyance, etc.
But, about love, it’s real fool to hide your love inside, it’ll only be hurt yourself, making you strvess out, looking obtuse, idiot, awkward, freak bc bury it deep your heart. Tell her what you feel is a real better way, you need ready reveal and make a prove that you love her much by your heart, you must ready to know her response, is it sweet? or a bitterness. Get ready for begin and know the response in the end.
Make your heart pleasant after it.
And if you got a bad or bitter end, just forget it and look forward for your next plan, don’t waste your time on a worthless.
Life’s for the next not for the past, take better to the next.